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The Crowdfunding Revolution | Social Networking Meets Venture Financing is the first book in its kind - it should be on the mandatory reading list for everybody active in the industry or for everyone who’s planning to be.”  Crowdfund News

We (RocketHub) were honored to contribute quotes, concepts, and are own unique takes on how crowdfunding is changing the world.  Now this book is being released to the world - and we recommend it highly to anyone who is fascinated by this new methodology for funding projects and endeavors...Much thanks to Dan and Kevin for putting these insights and discoveries together in a wonderful read.  Brian Meece, RocketHub
“Kevin and Dan are onto something. If you want to be part of the next wave to change the world economy this book is a must read. Both authors combine their own insight but also manage to capture the ideas of all of the major players in the space. It is a smooth read and the more difficult concepts are broken down into simple pieces. Read this book if you want to catch the next wave!”  —Fred Bryant
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“Kevin Lawton and Dan Marom have done a great job at getting really deep into the field of crowdfunding. The book reads like they have had the opportunity to take a look into the future to see the potential of crowdfunding. The book contains an excellent explanation about the concept of crowdfunding and the rules of the game and is a must read for everybody entering the field of crowdfunding!”  Gijsbert Koren, Smarter Money

"this book is a comprehensive introduction to the concept of crowdfunding . The examples (which span across the past, present and the future!) spice it up well. A must read for anyone interested in the early stage funding process."  Mandar Kulkarni,