Book description

Deep and intertwined in our humanity, is a need to support and feel involvement in the kinds of projects and companies which we care about. Until the recent crowdfunding phenomena emerged, our more centralized and intermediated capital formation and funding mechanisms scarcely recognized the social power of crowds which form affinities around any kind of mission. Crowdfunding is a natural systemic response to fill this gap, and an expression of our collective human will. It is perhaps, one of the most powerful developments in our modern-day socio-economics, and promises both to transform the capital formation landscape and to offer an avenue for a creative and intellectual re-birth. Whether funding sports-car racers, startup companies, indie movies, fashion, scientific research, or community projects -- crowdfunding is already well under way, changing not only the way that we fund efforts, but the way we interact and support them. It is in the most simplistic terms, social networking meets venture financing. And a number of people in venture financing are now getting involved it.

There are now nearly 7 billion of us, with over 2 billion having Internet access. Never before has there been such potential to bridge the collective creative and productive capacity with capital and other resources which are required to translate that capacity into social and economic activities. Even as exciting, is that crowdfunding links funding with the social dynamics and affinity groups which naturally surround efforts that resonate with our many motivations. That alone, is enough to cause a monumental shift in the way business and organizations operate.

This is a deep and broad look at the history of finance that got us here, the present day zeitgeist of crowdfunding and its associated social networking & group dynamics, and a visionary look into the future and greater empowerment of crowdfunding. Join us on this intellectual discovery. We're all part of the Crowdfunding Revolution!