About the authors

Kevin Lawton | Kevin is a progenitor of PC virtualization (now a multi-billion dollar cloud-related industry), many-time startup entrepreneur, trend-caster and visionary blogger at the intersection of biz & tech (trendcaller.com), contributor for VentureBeat, HuffingtonPost and SeekingAlpha, public speaker, prolific idea creator, protagonist of two open source projects, and news, innovation, economics and business book junkie.  Kevin holds a B.A in computer science, and started his career at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in space-based radar and satellite communication.

Dan Marom | Dan is a PhD candidate in Finance at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  He has been highly engaged in R&D and management for several years, as a technologist and a CEO and co-founder of a startup company.  Although currently concentrating on academic activities (researching and teaching), Dan is also involved in several technology ventures as a consultant. Dan holds a MBA (Cum Laude) and a B.Sc in electrical Engineering.