Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Microsoft move portends a future for crowdfunding

According to this recent Businessweek piece, Microsoft plans to shake up senior product management, and put in some people with engineering backgrounds.  Who would have thought that people with backgrounds in making products, would be the best fit to manage those products?  Just kidding, of course.  The farce that is generic MBA wielding management types running around making decisions in fields that they have no clue about, is unraveling by the minute.

And I submit, that the same phenomena is occurring in investing.  Out go the generic investment management posers, and incoming are a new crop of investors who are steeped in their fields.  In the VC world, that means a firm better be stacked with people of deep experience.  And it means that the crowdfunding thesis has never been stronger.  There is nothing better than being invested in by those who understand and love the idea.  People who know, were always the ones who should have been making decisions.  It can't come too soon, the day when we return to investment sanity.

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